PL-6 (6”X6”)

LEDStorm Panel Light, an 6” by 6” square panel, utilizing bulbs with a 130º angle, arranged in a unique spiral formation, allows cinematographers to shoot with their widest lenses. PL-6 is ideal as a “floating hand held light without feeling “sourcey”. With its interchangeable parabolic lens system the PL-6 can range from 130° all the way down to 5°, increasing its intensity by 5 full stops and its throw up to 75 feet.

Multi-function B-24 Control Ballast: 

  • LCD Display
  • Can Produce any White Light Color Temperature
  • Can Produce any Color in the Light Spectrum
  • Total Frequency and Duty Cycle Control
  • Seamless Dimming and Color Temperature
  • Duration Control
  • Manual Master Fader
  • Kill Switch
  • Daisy Chain
  • Preprogrammed Effects: Strobe, Chase Fade,
    Chase Jump, Old and New Style Police Lights,
    Firetruck, and Ambulance, Fire, Water, and
  • Open Custom Channels allows the user to save
    custom settings
  • Universal AC power input (110v-220v)
  • 18-36 VDC Battery operation
    (8 hours or more with most 30v battery systems)
PL-6 Kit Includes:
  • Fixture (with Yoke and Bail Block)
  • 3 Piece lens set
  • AC to DC power supply
  • Pelican 1560 carry case
  • B-24 Control Ballast (6”X 4” X 2)
PL-6 Separate Accessories:
  • Barn Doors (Set of 4)
  • Header cables (10’, 25’ 50’)
  • Header cable jumper Female to Female
Download LEDStorm Film & Video Product Brochure

PL-6 Retail: $4,400

PL-6 (6”X6”)