EMS Light Energy Theory
(Scott L. Gordon, 2010)

Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) energy is created by wavelengths generated by the invisible light spectrum. Visible light also has electromagnetic properties, however its shorter wavelengths are weaker and less penetrative. The stronger energy of these invisible spectrums, interacting with the visible spectrum, alter the characteristics of the waves of their visible counterparts, and when coupled with the different colors of the visible spectrum, creates a delivery system that increases the penetrative values of the lesser wavelengths.

Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) energy reacts with the physiology of humans, animals, and plants. These deep penetrating wavelengths, generated by the invisible spectrum, that in nature are relevant during the day and night, actually excite molecular activity…

Adapting our unique array of hardware, firmware and software platforms, LEDStorm developed a system for healthcare providers which incorporates visible colors of the light spectrum with invisible, infrared colors. Exposing the body to a combination of infrared (800 nm-1,000 nm wavelengths), visible colored light spectrum (780 nm-450 nm), and daylight (5,600 K), manipulated by various patterns and frequencies, using special flexible pads populated with specific LED sources, produced measurable therapeutic benefits.

Our particular “window of wavelengths” creates an electromagnetic field that we refer to as Modality and seems to stimulate human and other mammalian cellular activity. As of October 2012, the LEDtherapy/Modality system has become available to the public and is currently being marketed.


Therapy Treatments Include: 

  • Pins and Needles
  • Lumbar Pain Deep Penetration
  • Lumbar Pain Massage
  • Lumbar Pain Icy/Hot Interval
  • Male to Male turnaround
  • Lumbar Pain Icy/Hot 3 min Interval
  • Arthritis Deep Penetration
  • Tendonitis Massage
  • Tendonitis Icy/Hot 3 min Interval
  • Gout Massage
  • Sprain/Contusion Deep Penetration
  • Sprain/Contusion Icy/Hot 3 min Interval
  • Open Wounds Pulse
  • Open Wounds Pulse/Constant
  • Acne/Cold Sores Cool Pulse
  • Rehab Massage
  • Rehab Icy/Hot 3 min Interval
  • Post Op Pulse
  • Post OP Pulse/Constant
  • Warm Up
  • Cool Down


LEDTherapy Kit Includes:

  • 4 treatment pads (6×6, 2-2×6, 3×3)
  • 3 treatment pad cables
  • Controller ballast
  • AC/DC power supply
  • Cigarette lighter adapter
  • 3 x Neoprene straps

Download LEDStorm LED EMS Technologies Brochure

LEDTherapy Retail: $6,000