Flexi LED

The FlexiLED kit includes 4 lightweight flexible fixtures that can be taped or pinned to just about any surface. Up to 3 fixtures can be run on a single ballast (12V cigarette car lighter), and have all the functions and effects that you have become familiar with in our other products.However, with the FlexiLED system, these fixtures can simultaneously perform independent functions out of the same ballast. The FlexiLED kit is ideal for car rigging, tabletop, or just hiding light sources in those impossible small spaces.

What we did
  • 4 Fixtures 6”x6” panel , 3”x3” panel , 2”x6” strip, and 2”x4” strip
  • 12VDC (9-18volt) Ballast
  • Control cables for all 4 fixtures
  • AC power brick (110v/220v)
  • Battery cable (LC30 to 4 pin XLR, or your choice of pin-out)
  • Male cigarette lighter adapter to female 4 pin XLR
  • 25’ Male 4 pin XLR to female 4 pin XLR extension cable
  • Male Cigarette lighter Adapter to female “Y” splitter adapter
  • AC power brick (110v/220v)
  • 25’ Car Battery clips/jumpers to female Cigarette lighter adapter
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FlexiLed PAR Retail: $5,000

Flexi LED