Grow Spectrum Light w/ EMS

EMS Light Energy Theory
(Scott L Gordon, 2010)

Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) energy is created by wavelengths generated by the
invisible light spectrum. Visible light also has electromagnetic properties, however its
shorter wavelengths are weaker and less penetrative. The stronger energy of these
invisible spectrums, interacting with the visible spectrum, alter the characteristics of
the waves of their visible counterparts, and when coupled with the different colors of
the visible spectrum, creates a delivery system that increases the penetrative values
of the lesser wavelengths.

Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) energy reacts with the physiology of humans,
animals, and plants. These deep penetrating wavelengths, generated by the invisible
spectrum, that in nature are relevant during the day and night, actually excite
molecular activity…

Grow Spectrum Lighting w/EMS Technology

The LEDStorm Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) lighting system is a more efficient and natural approach to lighting; different from HID lighting, and different from other LED lighting systems. In the LEDStorm system we are utilizing a unique blend of invisible spectra on the Infrared range. This blend of higher nanometer ranges actually interacts with the visible spectra present in the fixture, and alters the characteristic of their wavelengths.

The EMS wavelength energy emitted from the LEDStorm system is penetrating through the entire plant, right through the soil, and into the root system. When utilizing EMS technology, micro-moles (photons of light passing through a given area) and Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) analysis are not enough alone. It is actually the coupling of these different energy sources that are relevant to a more efficient means of affecting the growth performance of any given plant.

Grow Spectrum Plug-n-Grow Kit includes: 



  • 12”x12”x1 1/2” Panel
  • Removable front acrylic high transmittance shield.
  • Conformal Coated PCB is resistant to water and high humidity.
  • Performs well in hot and cold conditions
  • Producing no significant heat, allows for closer proximity to plants with less de-hydration resulting in more efficient water usage. Generally better for C3 Plants.
  • Suitable for all growth phases
  • Covers up to a 5’x5’ (25 square foot) area
  • 60 watts
  • Plug in Power supply
  • Line-in Voltage: 100-240vac (higher voltages available upon request, additional cost applies)
  • Line-out Voltage: 24/48vdc (12vdc upon request)
  • 40kHz-will not interfere with other electronic equipment
  • 60 Diode Array: Full Spectrum White (Daylight source), Red, and EMS (Electromagnetic Spectrum) blended Invisible spectrum. The LEDStorm Grow Spectrum emits an unique wavelength energy field that penetrates through the entire plant, through the soil, right into the root system, interacting with the plant’s physiology in ways other lights cannot. The visible spectrum also produces a natural looking source that will not distort the appearance of your plants and creates a more pleasant working environment.
  • Fixture comes with your choice of: Bail Block, Pipe Clamp, or Adjustable Hangers (Yo-Yo’s)
  • Fixture Weight (with rigging): 3Lbs 2 ounces


Download LEDStorm Grow Spectrum Lighting w/EMS Technology PDF


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Full Turn Key Grow Systems

LEDStorm can also provide complete turn key solutions to any grow operation, no matter what the size. LEDStorm’s first grow system was developed, in 2011, at the request of algae producers seeking a practical, low-energy solution for very challenging grow lighting applications under water, LEDStorm Grow Solutions represent the most versatile, energy efficient, plant growth promotion system available.

Our commercially proven, user-friendly control system, and multi-frequency, user-tunable LED fixtures, allow indoor growers to adjust outputs to optimize production conditions and biomass increase for any plant species.

LEDStorm can meet all the lighting demands of any greenhouse, indoor grow, hydroponics, or algae production system (including 100% submerged applications). Energy savings are enormous compared to conventional greenhouse, or indoor grow operations, lighting using HID lamps.



LEDstorm-Grow-Spectrum-Light-ControllerLEDStorm Multi Channel Power/Controller System. The multi-control ballast system, 10 channel model, can be plugged into any household (110vac-264vac) power  outlets.

The 30 and 50 channel models, for large  industrial applications operate on a Line-in AC voltage  of 110vac-530vac.All three, 19” rack mountable,  controllers can accommodate Line-out DC voltages of 12vdc, 24vdc, and 48vdc. LEDStorm’s versatile control system can be operated locally or by remote, and it can control all fixtures simultaneously, individually, or in any combination the operator desires.

  • Can handle up to 350 foot cable runs
  • The shielded cable is available in 25’, 50’, and 100’ lengths

The easy to move control system can be integrated into any environment, including the warm temperatures and high humidity of greenhouse environments. The control system will not interfere with the frequencies of any other present operating systems.

  • Operating temperatures range from minus 20⁰C (-4⁰F) to plus 43⁰C (110⁰F).

The multi channel controllers are designed to be  daisy-chained so the grow system can be configured for any size installation. The graphic user interface (GUI) for the control system, comes with a LCD, touch screen,  color monitor ( 7” Wide (16:9) ), but can be integrated into most any control system desired. The system will control any of our available grow light fixtures.


Control Box:

The control box’s touch screen control monitor displays a menu of all functions and the following settings:


  • Colors: red, green, blue, daylight (5,600K)
  • Short infrared
  • Long infrared
  •  Ultraviolet (upon request)
  • % of light Intensity (via the dimmer) Frequency and Duty Cycle (associated with the pattern and frequency)
  • Preset Effects (strobe, chase sequences, timed intervals)
  • Manual
  • Master Fader (allows any combination of colors or effects to be manually dimmed simultaneously)
  • Kill Switch
  • 10 0pen Custom Presets (so the operator can save their own desired settings) – more if desired
  • If the unit is powered down, or loses power unexpectedly, an internal memory chip maintains all the current settings.



PL11GR LEDSTORM GROW PANEL is a 12” by 12” (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm) square grow panel that incorporates LEDs with a 130º angle (red, green, blue, short infrared, long infrared, and daylight (5,700K). UV is available upon request.

PL12 PANEL GROW LIGHT measures (3” x 43” (7.6 cm x 109.2 cm) and is also available in 6” x 22” (15.2 cm x 55.9 cm). It has the same features as the PL11GR but a more slender profile making it ideal for tube enclosures for underwater applications. It also has a larger footprint than the PL11GR that allows for the addition of ultraviolet LED sources if desired.

Custom design and installation for any grow application, including an adjustable grid system that allows height and directional adjustments, are part of the LEDStorm customer commitment. All of our growth products and components are fully warranted for 5 years. Every system is 100% end-user turnable to optimize growing settings for any species of plant or algae. LEDStorm continues to conduct research to establish optimized settings for more and more commercially grown species of plant crop and algae.


Download LEDStorm Grow Spectrum Light w/EMS Technology vs HID Lighting PDF


Grow Spectrum Light w/ EMS