Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our more frequently answered questions. Please Contact Us if you have question not covered here.


No. If a bulb burns out, or is damaged, you will only lose a total of 5 bulbs on that circuit. For example, if you are using the LS-711 On-Camera Light (a 50 bulb fixture), you will still have 45 bulbs to work with. If you are using the PL-11 Panel Light (60 bulb fixture), you will still have 55 bulbs remaining to work with.

Yes. All of LEDStorm's cinema products, whether 18-36 DVC or 9-14 DVC, can be daisy-chained on the same line. Each unit must be powered by its own ballast. However, all data can be controlled by a single ballast, and transferred to as many other fixtures as the operator desires.

Of course! LEDStorm is more than happy to accommodate custom designs of any shape, size, output and function. In most cases, our fixtures can be integrated into almost any control system (ie: DMX)