PL-11 PAR (12”X12”)

The PL-11 Par, LEDStorm 12”x12” Panel Light, is all about power. With less than 120 watts the PL-11 Par can rival most 1200 watt incandescent fixtures and 400-800 watt HMI fixtures, which has earned it the nickname “Master Blaster”.

Light weight and superior battery operation makes the PL-11 Par an excellent “floating” hand

held source.

PL-11 Par Kit Includes:
  • Fixture (with Yoke and Bail Block)
  • 3 Piece lens set
  • AC to DC power supply
  • Battery cable
  • Pelican 1560 carry case
  • Inline Dimmer w/25’ header cable
PL-11 PAR Separate Accessories:
  • Barn Doors (Set of 4)
  • Inline Dimmer
  • Header cables (10’, 25’ 50’)
  • Header cable jumper Female to Female.
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PL-11 PAR Retail: $2,250

PL-11 PAR (12”X12”)