Custom LED Services

LEDStorm has created the most versatile and innovative lighting instruments on the market for the film and video broadcast industry. We have utilized our advanced LED technology to create state-of-the-art “green” lighting solutions for the commercial and street lighting markets, part of our commitment to environmentally-friendly business practices. Our affordable, power-saving lighting fixtures — both new and retrofit — distinguish themselves from other LED devices.

LEDStorm can save its clients a guaranteed minimum of 50 percent on power and maintenance costs by creating fixtures to replace, or retrofit, any conventional lighting source on the market. Our lighting instruments are built with an eye on the future (i.e. intelligent grid, solar), allowing our products to easily adapt to emerging technologies. We offer a myriad of options (color temperature, light output, beam diameter) and control features (seamless dimming, color and color temperature change, power ramping, interactive sensors and more) for our instruments, offering our customers a range of simple to sophisticated lighting devices. Because of our particular expertise in film and television lighting, LEDStorm can actually improve the look of your environment by offering end-user changeable effects via our innovative lighting controls.

While most LED dealers mistakenly measure power savings by published bulb wattage, LEDStorm quantifies true electrical consumption and savings directly at the socket. By accurately measuring and reporting the light output of its fixtures, we are able to ensure energy savings for our clients.

The company prides itself in its ability to combine cutting edge lighting systems with older, commercially-available equipment. At LEDStorm, we aim to maintain the essence of a true retrofit. That’s why we focus on recycling our client’s existing equipment to adapt to our products (by consulting established local businesses and utility companies), a process that promotes environmental efficiency and stimulates local economies.