Client Testimonials

We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our clients over the years for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success. Below are a few testimonials from a sampling of our clients:

Egon Stephan Jr. Cinevideotech Inc.
LEDStorm On-Camera light is in my opinion the most innovative lighting tool available today. You won’t find in any other product on the market that does what this light is capable of. Between the adjustable color temperature, programmable effects generator, dimmable illumination intensity and lightweight design, the LEDStorm has an edge on the competition.
Alfeo Dixon- Cinematographer at Cine & Print Photography
In today’s race for lighter, more efficient and creative lighting sources, I've had the pleasure of using a certain must have, the LEDStorm On-Camera Light. While I was being introduced to the LS-711, during the production of a Music Video for Sir Ivan, “Kumbaya”, we immediately put it into practical use and it was the saving grace allowing us to creatively express the scene. I hope to see a lot more features and many other advancements from LEDStorm.
Brett FreyIATSE Local 600 Camera Assistant since 1992
This past New Years Eve , I was the Camera First assistant on a Jamie Foxx music video in Miami. The caveats were very challenging given that everything was run-and-gun (hand held Arri 235 with Dolphin mags, Cooke Primes and an on-board monitor), no set-ups, all available light, use only what you can carry, and no location support in the biggest party of the year commencing at P. Diddy’s event at one of South Beach’s hottest nightclubs. We knew were “on our own” with no plug-in light capability for 14+ hours in sardine-packed chaos. The LEDStorm On-Camera light was the surprise factor on the shoot with amazing versatility of color temperature, dimmable illumination combined with ultra light weight and a small footprint. I doubt any other tow-along light would have outlasted our Anton Bauer battery belt for the entire event. The LEDStorm program settings are intuitive and simple to learn giving this first use experience a large relief. Photographically, the illumination looks seamless from the environment or conversely can be very stylized, making this a fantastic tool that I will certainly add to all my future camera orders.