LEDStorm Mini Source

LEDStorm Mini Source is the smallest fixture of the Master Blaster series is a very compact, lightweight fixture (size of a harmonica) with a remarkable throw and output.

This small fixture (6”x1.5”) is the ideal on camera light source. Using less than 10 watts can be plugged right into your camera’s P-tap; can also be run on ac power, or other battery sources (battery belt). Just as our other products, the LEDStorm MiniSource uses an interchangeable lens system that allows the fixture to be used in many different ways.

Mini Source Kit Includes: 

  • Fixture (12v, 5-10watts): w/lenses (5°, 30°) Tail with
    Female connector
  • 10 watts 12volt AC/DC Edison to Male connector 10’-
    12’ ft cable
  • 6’ male connector to Male P-Tap connector
    In-line dimmer w/power switch (input female output
  • 2 Pin LC30 or 3 Pin XLR to Female 4 Pin
  • Male to Male turnaround
  • Ultralight Adaper male ¼” (AD-1420 w/Stud), Hot Shoe
    Adapter(AD-HS), 1-Knuckles (AC-CS)
  • Carry Case (IM2100 Storm Case)

Download LEDStorm Film & Video Product Brochure

LS 711 Retail: $775

LEDStorm Mini Source
LEDStorm Mini Source
LEDStorm Mini Source
LEDStorm Mini Source