LEDGrow Technology

Hydroponics Productivity can be Increased by more than 50% with our Grow Lighting Technology.

LEDStorm Grow Solutions adapt the same multiwave length LED technology as our healthcare modality systems to achieve astounding increases in biomass. Developed at the request of algae producers seeking a practical, low energy solution for very challenging grow lighting applications under water, LEDStorm Grow Solutions represent the most versatile, energy efficient, plant growth promotion system available.

Our commercially proven, user-friendly control system and multi-frequency, user-tunable LED fixtures allow greenhouse growers to adjust outputs to optimize production conditions and biomass increase for any plant species. LEDStorm can meet all the lighting demands of any greenhouse, hydroponics, or algae production system (including 100% submerged applications). Energy savings are enormous (up to 900%) compared to conventional greenhouse lighting using HID lamps. This is our fastest growing and most lucrative market segment (see for more information on one of our most promising clients).
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LEDGrow Technology